Veteran And Intermediate Results 2016

The Cotswold & Wyevern Labrador Retriever Club held their Puppy, ND/NH, Intermediate & Veteran Test on Saturday 9th July by kind permission of Mr and Mrs Goode. Judges were Mrs Allie Hogsbjerg, Mrs Karen McCarthy, Mrs Lucy Mixture and Mr Simon Pullin. A huge thank you to all the helpers we couldn't have done it without you.



1st K. Spratling - Hemingtons Noggin

2nd M. Cox - Cyhinfa Kelly of Wickmoor

3rd E. Davis - Killyrudden Mousa

4th M. Cox - Keniam Indian Sunset of Wickmoor

CoM V. Emms - Buffskin Zeilda of Alvonoak

CoM P. Rogers - Greenfox Ash

CoM F. Spencer - Chrystalstream Black Velvet

CoM V. Veronica Harris - Consgrove at Sollarshope



1st Roger Roger Colver - Cockrams Cherry

2nd Janice Janice Miller - Chisbrook Inca of Millerise

interm 2016 IMG_0900_web vet_2016