Puppy and Novice Dog-Novice Handler results 2016

The Cotswold & Wyevern Labrador Retriever Club held their Puppy, ND/NH, Intermediate & Veteran Test on Saturday 9th July by kind permission of Mr and Mrs Goode. Judges were Mrs Allie Hogsbjerg, Mrs Karen McCarthy, Mrs Lucy Mixture and Mr Simon Pullin. A huge thank you to all the helpers we couldn't have done it without you.


1st A. Adrian Phillips  - Castlemans Soulman

2nd G. Glenn Lambert - Hawksgarth Colorado of Wickmoor.

3rd J. Harris - Hollowbrook Tweed.

4th M. Michelle Cox - Manor Mynd Vision of Wickmoor.

CoM E. Davis - Willowyck Harry.

CoM N. Swan - Constanigree Shooting Star

CoM V. King - Kenquince Zahir of Tempurong



1st A.L. Willian's - Millershook Chance.

2nd Chris Guest - Mundyz Joker for Bardantop

3rd V. Phelps - Glasybont Norse God Saga

4th J. Pritchard - Percival Pembroke

CoM E. Hopkin - Elmo the Enchanting Duke

CoM M. Newnes - Saunders Row Princess

CoM N. Eden - Springcurl Manifesto

puppy_2016_IMG_0888 nd nh 2016