Results of the Open Test 2013

RESULTS of the Cotswold and Wyevern Labrador Retriever Club Open Test on 4th May 2013

At The Batsford Estate by Kind Permission of Lord and Lady Dulverton


Judges - Robin Watson, Rachel Corbett & Sandra Onens


1st Ian Glover - Hamish of Deer Meadow (Lab D)

2nd Ian Ford - Tayfordwoods Twist of Lemon (Lab B)

3rd Helen Chatterton - Olivertash Meadow (Lab B)

4th Allie Hogsbjerg - Quarnford Grouse of Ruffriver (Lab D)

COM Richard Edwards - Lord Rye of Knowle of Lovehayne (Lab D)


My Thanks to all the judges and helpers, also to the gamekeeper Matthew Farmer for his help and to the former keeper John Jones for presenting the awards.  My thanks also to Skinners Pet Foods for their generous sponsorship.


We had a good entry of 33 dogs with 3 absent. There were 5 tests, the competitors completed three, we then had a quick pit stop for coffee,  before they went on with the other 2 tests.

Test 1 - A blind to shot (100 yds) along a grassy track, through a gap in a tall hedge then just into a field of stubble. This was followed by a shot and a mark in the same place.

Test 2 - A mark to shot 200 yds up at the top of a slope of early crop. Dog & handler had to mark that though a small “window” in a line of willows that ran either side of a ditch, then they turned 90 degrees to the left, dog walking to heel 20 yds before turning back to face the trees and slope, then dog sent. (Dog had to negotiate the ditch on the way.)

Test 3 - A 2 dummy pick up in a field of stubble, no shot,  area marked by posts out about 100yds away, slight ridge in field between handler and area.

Test 4 - A blind to shot up a very narrow break in a conifer plantation about 40yds up a slope, stop dog by post, send dog out to the left.

Test 5 - A 4 dogs walk up to a single long mark of about 150yds, to shot, in a bare field that sloped down to the left and dummy landed just on a ridge.


There was a run off for 2nd and 3rd place and also for 4th and a COM. This was a long mark of about 100yds, possibly more. Dog and handler stood on a track at the bottom of the valley, the track went over the ditch with the willows either side, then the track continued up a hill. At the top of the hill the dummy was thrown from the track into the field.  The decision was made for 2nd and 3rd place, but the next 2 dogs could not be split so they had to run off again, this time for a mark thrown high up so it could be seen in the air over the top of some small trees and land in long grass about 60 yds away, so dog nor handler could see where it landed exactly.


Sharon Rogers W/T sec