Open Show Results 2010

Open Show 13th February 2010 Held at Norton Parish Hall

Judge Mrs Lena Wiberg-Johansson (Annuals Kennel - Sweden)


Best In Show Stafford's Kimvalley Star Attraction Of Farnfield JW

Res Best In Show & Best Opp Sex Carpanini's Carpenny Made A Million

Best Puppy In Show Neachell's Adoraden Hallmark At Suttonpark

Best Veteran In Show Beer's Abbeystead Teasel Of Tarkabby

Best Minor Puppy In Show Braddon's Trendlewood Mellow My Mind


Minor Puppy Dog 4

1st Britton's Llanstinan Hot Toddy Of Bowstones (Best Minor Puppy Dog)

2nd Marskell's Berolee Moon Star

3rd Wright's Alanwood Desert Icon For Halloran

4th Gwinnett-Taylor's Artesia Hovis Brown From Glosmere


Puppy Dog 4 (1ab)

1st Neachell's Adoraden Hallmark At Suttonpark (Best Puppy Dog)

2nd Marskell's Berolee Moon Star

3rd Pinn's Abbeystead Beaufort Of Haselorhill


Junior Dog 9

1st Braddon's Tredlewood Snowman

2nd Mills' Lembas Super Trouper JW

3rd Marskell's Berolee Moon Star

4th Jones' Ladrow Darl Lord

5th Earp's Wickwhistle Jammin


Yearling Dog 3 (1ab)

1st Metcalfe's Bilbo Baggins By Baileydale JW

2nd Jury's Tibblestone Gospel Singer


Novice Dog 5 (1ab)

1st Marskell's Berolee Moon Star

2nd Jones' Ladrow Dark Lord

3rd Earp's Wickwhistle Jammin

4th Parker Lightbringer One Fine Day


Graduate Dog 3

1st Davies' Holmajor Drummer Boy

2nd Williams & Revitt's Jimdi Jack Kennedy

3rd Minchella's Abbeystead Nimrod


Post Graduate Dog 6 (1abs)

1st Lesley's Steeleigh Express Order JW

2nd Braddon's Trendlewood Only To Fly

3rd Mills' Sandylands Toy Boy At Lembas

4th Peggs' Jancet Dragon Fly

5th Pinn's Abbeystead Audax


Limit Dog 4 (1ab)

1st Carpanini's Carpenny Made A Million (Best Dog)

2nd Playle's Shardanell Dance Master For Triplecroft

3rd Faulkner's Lewisan Lightning


Open Dog 5 (2abs)

1st Braddon's Trendlewood Moondance JW

2nd Hodge's Sh Ch Naiken Way Out West JW

3rd Carpanini's Abbeystead Wykeham Of Carpenny


Special Veteran Dog 5 (2abs)

1st Beer's Tarkabby Ocean Storm (Best Veteran Dog)

2nd Metcalfe's Baileydale Bon Bon JW

3rd Goodall's Bowstones Morning Star Over Beaverbrook JW


Special Working Dog or Bitch 7 (4abs)

1st Scutcher's Ch Winsleywood Waterloo JW ShCM (Res Best Dog)

2nd Coode's Warringah's Tennants Creek JW

3rd Smith's Charway Summerain


Minor Puppy Bitch 8 (1ab)

1st Braddon's Trendlewood Mellow My Mind (Best Minor Puppy Bitch)

2nd Carpanini's Carpenny Rilla

3rd Minchella's Abbeystead Thorn

4th Gwinnett_taylor Glosmere Dahlia

5th Hughes Haselorhill Calypso


Puppy Bitch 8 (2abs)

1st Neachells' Adoraden May Song At Suttonpark (Best Puppy Bitch)

2nd Grummitt & Carpanini's Carpenny Riva Manorwell

3rd Scutcher's Winsleywood Wild Rose

4th Davies' Holmajor April Love

5th Earp's Wickwhistle Salad Days


Junior Bitch 9 (1ab)

1st Braddon's Trendlewood Craclin Rosie

2nd Parrott's Naiken Yelena At Lougin

3rd Mills' Lembas Mamma Mia JW

4th Lesley's Steeleigh Perfect Surprise

5th Peggs' Cultered Pearl Jancet


Yearling Bitch 9 (2abs)

1st Stafford's Kimvalley Star Attraction Of Farnfield JW (Best Bitch)

2nd Lesley's Steeleigh Hot Shot JW

3rd Coode's Warringah's Kurri Kurri

4th Hodge's Naiken Xclusive Dream JW

5th Jury's Tibblestone Sky Larkin


Novice Bitch 12 (5abs)

1st Braddon's Trendlewood Cracklin Rosie

2nd Lesley's Steeleigh Perfect Surprise

3rd Peggs' Cultered Pearl Jancet

4th Scutcher's Winsleywood Wild Rose

5th Earp's Wickwhistle Salad Days


Graduate Bitch 12 (5abs)

1st Lesley's Steeleigh Hot To Handle JW

2nd Beer's Tarkabby Embrace

3rd Rogers' Woodmist Saffron

4th Playle's Brynseion Shootin Star For Triplecroft

5th Sidaway's Martinstide Bric A Brac


Post Graduate Bitch 8 (3abs)

1st Goodchild & Walton's Ballynegal Dancing Queen

2nd Green's Braithwell Annie Walker

3rd Taylor's Rudidales Class Act

4th Stewart's Streamanda Salsa

5th Horseman Jancet Skylark


Limit Bitch 11 (4abs)

1st Allen & Bott's Allenie's Ophelia (Res Best Bitch)

2nd Lesley's Steeleigh Truly Tempting JW

3rd Minchella's Abbeystead Waxwing

4th Metcalfe's Lewisan La-Di-Da To Baileydale JW ShCM

5th Williams & Revitt's Jimdi Nora Batty JW


Open Bitch 5 (1ab)

1st Allen's Allenie's Jezzabel JW

2nd Metcalfe's Sandylands Spring Blossom For Baileydale JW ShCM

3rd Scutcher's Winsleywood Willow JW ShCM

4th Britton's Bowstones Beattie


Special Veteran Bitch 8 (1abs)

1st Beer's Abbeystead Teasel Of Tarkabby (Best Veteran Bitch)

2nd Lesley's Steeleigh American Pie JW

3rd Jury's Tibblestone Giddy Sue JW

4th Williams & Revitt's Jimdi Sweet Floela

5th Goodall's Baverbrook Sweet Honesty


Brace 4 (2abs)

1st Lesley's Steeleigh Brace

2nd Williams & Revitt's Brace



1st Hughes' Dual's Hope Chady Night Of Haselorhill (Imp Bel)