Open Show 2017

Results of the CWLRC Open Show

10th February 2018

Judge Mrs Anne Hoban (Meadowleigh)


Best In Show Braddon’s Trendlewood Born To Run JW

Reserve Best In Show  Miles’ Llanstinan Macaroon

Best Opposite Sex Miles’ Llanstinan Macaroon

Best Puppy In Show Hodge’s Naiken Dance Rhythm

Best Minor Puppy In Show Hodge’s Naiken Dance Rhythm

Best Veteran In Show  Davey’s Southridge Precious Token


Full Class results below photos







Minor Puppy Bitch (6,1a)

1st Hodge’s Naiken Dance Rhythm

2nd Barker’s Sharouns Yellow Ribbon around Deerbrook

3rd King’s Linthwaite Indiana

Res Perkins’ Keeninspires Mamma Mia

VHC Felton Page’s Marshwiggle Wilhelmina


Puppy Bitch (6,1a)

1st Minchella’s Abbeystead Hope

2nd Parrott’s Lougin Lucienne

3rd Lapper’s Sharouns Windchime

Res Collins’ Carromer Worth A Glance at Kaspair NAF

VHC Felton Page’s Marshwiggle Wilhelmina


Junior Bitch (6, 2a)

1st King’s Mikmaqlabs Waits For The Sun

2nd Hodgkiss’ Dinnozo Yellow Diamond

3rd Hobby’s Icarus Jean Genie

Res Stewart’s Ludalor Blue Diamond Of Stremanda


Yearling Bitch (4, 1a)

1st Hodgkiss’ Dinnozo Yellow Diamond

2nd Lapper’s Sharouns Vanilla Slice

3rd Davey’s Southridge Bramble


Novice Bitch (8,4a)

1st Lesley’s Steeleigh Blue Heaven

2nd King’s Linthwaite Indiana

3rd Parrott’s Lougin Lucienne

Res Hobby’s Icarus Jean Genie


Graduate Bitch (7,2a)

1st Hodge’s Naiken Carinsia

2nd Lesley’s Steeleigh Final Legacy

3rd Sadler’s Beautiful Ella Firestorm

Res Hobby’s Icarus Abracadabra

VHC  Hodgkiss’ Dinnozo Yellow Diamond


Post Graduate Bitch (9,2a)

1st Miles’ Llanstinan Macaroon

2nd Braddon’s Trendlewood Strange Magic

3rd Britton’s Bowstones Polka

Res Woodall’s Mattand Back To Black For Thirlmere

VHC King’s Mikmaqlabs Cheyenne


Limit Bitch (7, 3a)

1st  Hodge’s Naiken Classic Cliché

2nd King’s Mikmaqlabs Apache

3rd King’s Linthwaite Louisiana JW

Res Davey’s Southridge Sparkler


Open Bitch (4,2a)

1st Coode’s Warringah’s Gurley JW

2nd Hodge’s Naiken Alize


Special Veteran Bitch (4, 1a)

1st Davey’s Southridge Precious Token

2nd Bean’s Naiken Celtic Jeweler at Celtwood

3rd Davey’s Southridge Grace


Best Bitch Miles’ Llanstinan Macaroon

Reserve Best Bitch Hodge’s Naiken Carinsia

Best Puppy Bitch Hodge’s Naiken Dance Rhythm





Minor Puppy Dog (6,2a)

1st  Stewart’s  Stremanda Aramis

2nd Lesley’s Steeleigh Miracles Happen

3rd Felton Page’s Marshwiggle Rembrandt

Res Meredith’s Linjor Lucca


Puppy Dog (6, 2a)

1st Britton’s Llanstinan Louis Lewis Bowstones

2nd King’s Linthwaite Excalibur

3rd Woodall’s Thirlmere Echo Falls

Res Felton Page’s Marshwiggle Rembrandt


Junior Dog (4, 1a)

1st Braddon’s Trendlewood Born To Run JW

2nd Miles’ Llanstinan Sugar Daddy JW

3rd Hodgkiss’ Dinozo Top Knotch Alfie


Yearling Dog (4)

1st Ellis & Matulla’s Dolwen Button Moon JW

2nd Bambrook’s Marshwiggle Shakespeare at Ravoakar JW

3rd Hodgkiss’ Dinozo Top Knotch Alfie

Res O’Dell & Bills’ Vetybonbetty Chocolate Box


Novice Dog (0)


Graduate Dog (6, 2a)

1st Ellis & Matulla’s Dolwen Coleman JW

2nd  Hodgkiss’ Dinozo Top Knotch Alfie

3rd Perkins’ Keeninspires Houdini

Res O’Dell & Bills’ Vetybonbetty Chocolate Box


Post Graduate Dog (5,3a)

1st Lesley’s Steeleigh Blue Print JW

2nd Moody’s Trendlewood Mr Blue Sky


Limit Dog (10,4a)

1st Britton’s Bowstones Pumpkin

2nd Ellis & Matulla’s Dolwen Johnny Be Good JW

3rd Young’s Warringah’s Merrygun with Langdale

Res Harvey Major & Bambrook’s Linjor Sessile Oak at Ravoakar ShCM

VHC Collins’ Bowstones Sun King of Kaspair


Open Dog (4)

1st Coode’s CH Warringah’s Perth JW ShCM

2nd Jury’s Tibblestone Sea Salt

3rd Davey’s Southridge Penny For The Guy

Res Barker’s Deerbrook Millionheir


Special Veteran Dog (0)


Special Working Dog or Bitch (2)

1st Coode’s Warringah’s Gulwarra JW

2nd King’s Linthwaite Cleopatra JW


Best Dog Braddon’s Trendlewood Born To Run JW

Reserve Best Dog Coode’s CH Warringah’s Perth JW ShCM

Best Puppy Dog  Stewart’s  Stremanda Aramis



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