Novice Walked Up 2016


The Cotswold and Wyevern Labrador Retriever Club held their Novice Walked Up Test in Beet on 13th August 2016, by kind permission of Norman and Sandra Onens. The judges were Dave Brown and Sheila Suzuki. A huge thankyou to all my helpers, it was very much appreciated.

The awards were as follows:-

1st - R. Mort with Silver Shot Copper.

2nd - V. Harris with Consgrove at Sollershope.

3rd - A. Rees with Fendawood Ecclestone at Delfryd.

4th - T. Constantine with Briarbar Flaming Finale.

CoM's went to:-

L. Pittaway with Kestrelway Bertie.

C. Guest with Mundyz Joker for Bardantop.

R. Mort with Fendawood Feller.

J. Fisher with Hassycott Sea Spirit.

Unfortunately the photograph only shows 1st, 2nd, 4th and one CoM as I was a bit slow off the mark taking it, and the other winners had left, my apologies.


novice walked up_2016_IMG_0916