Novice & Open Tests 2016

The Cotswold and Wyevern Labrador Retriever Club held their Novice and Open Tests 28th may 2016 by kind invitation of Claire and Roger Raymond.

Novice results:

1st Vanessa King with Tempurong Field Maple.

2nd Simon Elliott with Garshake Ella.

3rd Killy Pennell with Kilpen Bertie.

4th A. Jarvis with Simandem Wild Thyme.

CoM Chrissie Guest with Mundyz Joker for Bardantop.

CoM V. Emms with Buffskin Zeilda.

CoM V. Emms with Roxhart Menewa.

CoM T. Newton with Kirger Saint Kitts of Brogan View.

CoM Glenn Lambert with Leaworthy Jenny of Wickmoor.


Open Results:

1st Lisa Harris with Gortons Blackthorn Lad of Hawksthorn.

2nd Paul Clark with Stykes Boy Graig Ddu.

3rd Karen McCarthy with Kaliture Cuinn by Ashmhorgold.

4th Jane Beach with Artistryn Uri.

CoM Haydn Willmott with Stykes Boy Llangynior.

CoM L. Goodwin with Morvenne Hermes.


novice 2016_ IMG_0793 open_2016_IMG_0791