MPD 3 (1ab)

1st Coode’s Warringah’s Perth

2nd Parrott’s Lougin Loki


PD 3

1st Floyds’ Trenow Rio Grande

2nd Coode’s Warringah’s Gundaguy

3rd Venturi-Rose’s Warringah’s Gunn


JD 7 (2abs)

1st Mills Lembas Sweeney Tod

2nd Coode’s Rayleas Hot Shot At Warringah (Imp Fra)

3rd Carpanini’s Carpenny Primo

4th Harvey-Major & Bambrook’s Linjor Sessile Oak

5th Venturi-Rose Colhook Teak at Leospring


YD 6 (1w/d)

1st Venturi-Rose Leospring Gold Gili

2nd Mills Lembas Sweeney Tod

3rd Harvey-Major & Bambrook’s Linjor Sessile Oak

4th Kennett’s Magnavellys Ludovic

5th Jury’s Tibblestone Sea Salt


ND 4 (1ab)

1st Floyd’s Trenow Rio Grande

2nd Mills Lembas Mikado

3rd Kennett’s Magnavalley Ludovic


GD 3 (1ab)

1st Mills Lembas Sweeney Tod

2nd Harvey-Major & Bambrook’s Linjor Sessile Oak


PGD 6 (1ab)

1st Venturi-Rose Hurtmeon Wild Bill Hickok of Leospring

2nd Thorpe’s Taph’s Tango JW

3rd Floyd’s Trenow Plover

4th Bambrook’s Brycheiniog’s Ravenclaw

5th Moody’s Trendlewood Finn The Eskimo


LD 6 (1ab)

1st Jury’s Tibblestone Gospel Singer

2nd Stewarts’ Streamanda Top Secret

3rd Carpanini’s Carpenny Melrose

4th Braddon’s Trendlewood Snowman JW

5th Anderson’s Barleybay Broderick


OD 3 (1ab)

1st Stewarts Steamand Top Knotch JW

2nd SH CH Adoraden Hallmark at Suttonpark


SVD 5 (2abs)

1st Anderson’s Buckholt Vinda Via Jillywin

2nd Hodge’s Sh Ch Naiken Quincy JW

3rd Braddon’s Trendlewood Moondance JW


SWD/B 6 (2abs)

1st Venturi-Rose Leospring Gold Giili

2nd Coode’s CH Warringah’s Gundaroo JW

3rd Hodge’s CH Naiken Zephyr JW

4th Minchella’s Abbeystead Reeve

MPB 12 (3abs)

1st Schopen’s Barnagrow Altisidora

2nd Parrott’s Lougin Lyin’ Eyes

3rd Parrott’s Lougin Lavanya

4th Roberts Killanow Nutmeg

5th Venturi-Rose Leospring Woth A Billion


PB 5 (2abs)

1st Coode’s Warringah’s Gurley

2nd Reynolds Carromers Hot Off The Press

3rd Kennett’s Magnavalleys Amazing Grace


JB 10 (4abs)

1st Hepper’s Mardas Rainbow Mystery

2nd Morgan’s Tessholly’s Summer Breeze

3rd Britton’s Bowstones Georgiana

4th Braddon’s Trendlewood Silent Night

5th Coode & Agostini Warringah’s Maal Ki


YB 5 (1ab)

1st Chapman’s Woolman Cassandra at Daisypatch

2nd Robert’s Cambremer Starlight Over Killanow

3rd Parker’s Lightbringer Aphrodite

4th Perkins’ Keeninspires Sun Shine


NB 8 (3abs)

1st Parrott’s Lougin Lona

2nd Britton’s Bowstones Georgiana

3rd Schopen’s Barnagrow Arkadina

4th Kennett’s Magnavalleys Amazing Grace

5th Parker’s Lightbringer Aphrodite


GB 7 (3)

1st Thorpe’s Taph’s Salsa

2nd Perkins’ Keeninspires Star Shine

3rd Schopen’s Lejie Song Of Summer

4th Perkins’ Keeninspires Sun Shine


PGB 7 (5 abs)

1st Perkins’ Linjor Formal Affair by Keeninspires

2nd Schopen’s Lejie Song of Summer


LB 7 (3abs)

1st Perkins’ Whiteray Athena at Churnetview

2nd Bean’s Naiken Celtic Jeweller T Celtwood

3rd Hughes’ Haselorhill Diamind Delta

4th Mills’ Lembas Chiquitita JW


OB 5 (2)

1st Carpanini’s Flossfalls Monopoly Carpenny

2nd Hiodge’s CH Naiken Xclusive Dream JW

3rd Coode’s Warringah’s Merriwagga JW



1st Britton’s Bowstones Beattie

2nd Morgan’s Malcvale Scarlet Ribbons at Tessholly



1st Small





Cotswold and Wyevern LRC Open Show 8th Feb 2013

Judge Miss Sharon Pinkerton (Bareve)


BIS Venturi-Rose Leospring Gold Gili

RBIS&BOS Thorpe’s Taph’s Salsa

BPIS Coode’s Warringah’s Gurley

BMPIS Coode’s Warringah’s Perth

BVIS Anderson’s Buckholt Vinca Via Jillywin