Championship Show 2018

RESULTS of the Cotswold and Wyevern Labrador Retriever Club Championship show held on Wednesday 4th July 2018 at The Avon Hall, The Three Counties showground.

Judges –

Dogs- Mrs J Charlton (Foxrush)

Bitches – Mr R Bott (Quensha/Allenie)

Referee – Mrs L Minchella


Best in Show – Radostnaya’s Rusmairas Lambada [ATC AU1851RUS]

Reserve Best in Show – Hopkinson’s Rocheby Old Punch

Best Puppy in Show – Casey & Jayes’ Sandylands Hit The Road

Best Minor Puppy in Show – Casey & Jayes’ Sandylands Hit The Road

Best Veteran in Show – Shirton’s Woolman Proper Starlight


Full class results below these photos


Minor Puppy Bitch (15,3a)

1st Casey & Jayes’ Sandylands High Time

2nd Carpanini’s Carpenny Halshimoor Delicious NAF TAF

3rd Gawthorpe’s Waterbrook Silk Voice

Res  Tooth’s Ludalor Lucille

VHC   Reynold’s Carromer Shimmering In Pink




Puppy Bitch (14,2a)

1st  Edwards’ Kimbajak Proper Madam

2nd Hodge’s Naiken Dance Rhythm

3rd  Parkinson’s Burnthorn Box Office

Res  Coode’s Warringah’s Turramurra

VHC Parkinson’s Burnthorn Barley Twist


Junior Bitch (14,2a)

1st Woodley’s Crosscroyde Class Society at Alkhamhurst

2nd  Goodwin & Bishop’s Centanlee Ice Dancer at Yalbury

3rd  Reynold’s Carromer Classy Read

Res  McLellan’s Loumar Kiawah for Saranden

VHC  Collins’ Carromer Worth A Glance at Kaspair


Yearling Bitch (12,1a)

1st  Radostaya’s Rusmairus Lambada [ATC AU01851RUS]

2nd Lewis’ Crammondkirk Rogue Gossip JW

3rd  O’Brien’s Maxfield Arabella

Res  McCrory’s Meadovillabs Shooting Star

VHC Hodgkiss’ Dinozo Yellow Diamond


Maiden Bitch (9,5a)

1st  Edwards’ Kimbajak Proper Madam

2nd  Gawthorpe’s Waterbrook Look Who’s Talkin’

3rd Mutter’s Incantator Brizo

Res Barker’s Sharouns Yellow Ribbon Around Deerbrook


Novice (10,1a)

1st  Stoker’s Madgack Mimosa

2nd  Shirton’s Woolman Proper Enchanting

3rd  Edwards’ Kimbajak Tattinger

Res  King’s Linthwaite Indiana

VHC Mutter’s Incantator Brizo


Undergraduate Bitch (6,2a)

1st  Lambert’s Mattand Front Page (AI)

2nd  McLellan’s Saranden Arapaho

3rd  Thornton’s Mallendyke Pave The Way

Res Nightingale’s Flyngpyg Snazzy Sniffer

VHC  Thatchell’s Smokeycot Ebony Daydreamer


Graduate Bitch (4,1a)

1st  Neachell’s Manorwell Georgia at Suttonpark

2nd  Lambert’s Mattand Excuse Me Sir JW

3rd  Ellis & Matulla’s Dolwen Ebony Claire JW


Post Graduate Bitch (20,6a)

1st  Johnson’s Cremino Crushed Ice

2nd  Gawthorpe’s Rocheby Smooth Silk JW

3rd  Britton’s Bowstones Polka

Res  Goodwin & Bishop’s Centanlee Pollyanna at Yalbury

VHC  Parkinson’s Burnthorn  Misty






Mid Limit Bitch (16,5a)

1st  Williamson’s Sharouns Victoria’s Secret JW

2nd Woodley’s A Sense Of Pleasure’s Ylvi at Alkhamhurst (IMP DEU)

3rd  Hodge’s Naiken Classic Cliche

Res  Shirton’s Woolman Proper Fancy Free

VHC McLellan’s Saranden Rock Your Baby


Limit Bitch (16,6a)

1st  Prior’s Priorise Lulu Belle

2nd  Gawthorpe’s Waterbrook Pillow Talk

3rd  Edwards’ Kimbajak Liberty Lady

Res  Miles’ Llanstinan Macaroon

VHC  Gallagher’s Primarius Papoula


Open Bitch (11,3a)

1st  O’Brien’s Maxfield Maybelline JW

2nd  Stafford’s SH CH Arrowmoy Fairytale of New York Farnfield (IKC)

3rd  Mills’ Lembas Go Gentle JW

Res  Carpanini’s Carpenny Portia

VHC  Coode’s Warringah’s Gurley JW


Veteran Bitch (7,5a)

1st  Shirton’s Woolman Proper Starlight

2nd  Collin’s Kaspair Play Misty For Me


Field Trial Bitch (0)


Special Working Bitch (1)

1st King’s Linthwaite Cleopatra JW

2nd  Farrar’s Henissy Razzle Dazzle


Bitch CC  Radostaya’s Rusmairus Lambada

Reserve Bitch CC O’Brien’s Maxfield Maybelline JW

Best Puppy Bitch Casey & Jayes’ Sandylands High Time



Minor Puppy Dog (9,2a)

1st  Casey & Jayes’ Sandylands Hit The Road

2nd  Metcalfe’s Carromer  Jack Flash to Baileydale

3rd  Rawlinson & Balshaw’s Halshimoor Debonair at Shanorrell (AI) NAF TAF

Res  Harvey-Major’s Linjor Rigsby

VHC  Wood’s Sundyke Secret Code


Puppy Dog (6,1a)

1st  Hopkinson’s Rocheby Montgomery

2nd  Quick & James’ Farnfield Tamzaneti

3rd  Edwards’ Kimbajak Precious Metal

Res  Perkins’ Ludalor Lyle

VHC  Crellin’s Yankee Goodwill Tiramisu


Junior Dog (9,3a)

1st  Hopkinson’s Rocheby Centanlee Sir Oliver

2nd  Walton’s Gallybob Marmalade

3rd  Haslam’s Manorwell Buckskin at Lynquest JW

Res Radnostnaya’s  Gentle Charm Alex Winner [ATC AV01433RUS]

VHC  Thornton’s Mallendyke Starting Point


Yearling Dog (4)

1st  Bailiss’ SH CH Tissalian Hi Jack JW

2nd  Logan’s Madgack Mulberry Minocqua

3rd  Radnostnaya’s Sun-Laurie Blowing In The Wind [ATC AU01379RUS]

Res Crellin’s Aalincarey Spookey


Maiden Dog (6,2a)

1st  Metcalfe’s Carromer  Jack Flash to Baileydale

2nd  Crellin’s Aalincarrey Spookey

3rd  Crellin’s Yankee Goodwill Tiramisu

Res  McDonald’s Marronoir Madness


Novice (6,1a)

1st  Metcalfe’s Carromer  Jack Flash to Baileydale

2nd Walton’s Gallybob Marmalade

3rd  Harvey-Major’s Linjor Rigsby

Res Carpanini’s Made To Measure by Domtacker (IKC)

VHC Shirton’s Woolman Proper New Tricks


Undergraduate Dog (3,1a)

1st  Thornton’s Mallendyke Starting Point

2nd  Britton’s Llanstinan Louis Lewis Bowstones


Graduate Dog (3,2a)

1st  Bambrook’s Marshwiggle Shakespeare at Ravoakar JW


Post Graduate Dog (10,3a)

1st  Gaskell’s Sharouns Ventriloquist for Tempaskell JW

2nd Ellis & Matulla’s Dolwen Coleman JW

3rd Edwards’ Kimbajak Renoir

Res  Jones’ Hafnau Emmanuel

VHC Bold’s Shaymiloney Solsivanus


Mid Limit Dog (8)

1st  Young’s Potterspiney Killian

2nd  Felton-Page’s Marshwiggle Mr Carson JW

3rd  Tooth’s Sandylands Over the Moon to Ludalor JW

Res  McLellan’s Aquarius Herbu Zadora For Saranden (POL  IMP)

VHC  Brown & Farquharson’s Ramsayville Texas Rising


Limit Dog (13,3a)

1st  Hopkinson’s Rocheby Old Punch

2nd  Bold’s Shaymiloney Senate JW

3rd  McCrory’s Millroseglen Make My Day with Meadovillabs

Res Ellis & Matulla’s Dolwen Johnny Be Good JW

VHC  Crellin’s Aalincarrey Summer Majic


Open dog (6)

1st  Jones’ Hafnau Zebedee

2nd  Gulstad’s INT/NORD CH Narjana’s Olah Octavian EUJW-15 NOJW-15 [ATC AS02532NOR]

3rd  Young’s Potterspiney Richochet

Res  Finney & Callendar’s Carpenny Ship to Shore JW

VHC  Jury’s Tibblestone Sea Salt  


Veteran Dog (7,4a)

1st Gulstad’s NORW CH Narjana’s A Million Dollars JW

2nd Sharples’ Cadbarin Loganberry

3rd Bambrook’s Brycheiniog’s Ravenclaw at Ravoakar


Field Trial Dog (2,1a)

1st Jenkins’ Blackhatch Ripple of Skeviot


Special Working Dog (3,1a)

1st  Lambert’s CH Mattand Exodus JW

2nd Coode’s CH Warringahs Perth JW ShCM


DCC Hopkinson’s Rocheby Old Punch

RDCC Bailiss’ SH CH Tissalian Hi Jack JW

Best Dog Puppy Casey & Jayes’ Sandylands Hit The Road






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