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Minor Puppy Bitch (7,0)
1st Vriezen’s My American Cutie Pie Van het Lepkeshof
2nd Wiles’ Richbourne Living the Dream
3rd Hodgkiss’ Dinnozo Yellow Diamond
Res Vriezen’s My Silver Hopeful Star Van Het Lepkeshof
VHC King’s Mikmaqlabs Waits for the Sun
Puppy Bitch (11,0)
1st O’Brien’s Maxfield Arabella
2nd Miles’ Llanstinan Pink Martini
3rd Britton’s Bowstones Windchime
Res Bailiss’ Tissalian Tiara Coronet
VHC Evans’ Saranden Amahami at Bowsian
Junior Bitch (17,5)
1st Hopkinsons’ Hayley Sun In Their Eyes
2nd Williamsons’ Sharouns Victoria’s Secret
3rd Hodge’s Naiken Classic Cliche
Res Evans’ Rowanhol Back to Black at Bowsian
VHC Ellis & Matulla’s Dolwen Ebony Claire
Yearling Bitch (13,5)
1st McLellan’s Saranden Rock Your baby
2nd Hopkinson’s Stelainross Bewitched Rocheby
3rd Percival’s Wynfaul Flame And Fortune JW
Res Edwards’ Kimbajak Duchess Eleanor
VHC Kennett’s Magnavalleys Paint It Black
Maiden Bitch (7,5)
1st Reynolds’ Carromers Shimmering Satin
2 Rowley’s Treantagh Dolly Rainbow
Novice (8,3)
1st Hodge’s Naiken Classic Cliché
2nd Reynold’s Carromers Shimmering Satin
3rd Lesley’s Steeleigh Final Legacy
Res Evans’ Saranden Amahami at Bowsian
VHC Morgan’s Tessholly’s Jessica
Undergraduate Bitch (11,2)
1st Scutcher’s Winsleywood Wild Anise JW
2nd Phillips’ Sheenaron Merry Calypso
3rd Rowley’s Treantagh Dolly Rainbow
Res Wiles’ Binnaig Bayberry at Richbourne
VHC Edwards’ Kimbajak Broadway
Graduate Bitch (9,3)
1st Prior’s Priorise Lulu Belle
2nd McGill & Williamsons’ Stelainros New Tricks at Deniangill JW
3rd McGillivray’s Antonine Hetty Feather
Res Vriezen’s My Silver Shining Star VH Lepkeshof
VHC Nuttall’s Carpenny Leonada at Gamblegate JW
Post Graduate Bitch (15,4)
1st Edwards’ Kimbajak Liberty Lady
2nd Miles’ Llanstinan Macaroon
3rd Lavelle’s Crosscroyde Chosen Dream
Res Phillips’ Carpenny Velvet at Sheenaron
VHC Wilcox’s Donamick China Girl
Mid Limit Bitch (8,4)
1st McGillivray’s Antonine Honolulu JW
2nd Platt’s Newhorizons Special Edition
3rd Mills’ Lembas Go Gentle JW
VHC McLellan’s Timouron Sioux for Saranden
Limit Bitch (9,1)
1st Jenkins’ Sekada Miss Bianca JW
2nd Marskell’s Berolee Biella (AI)
3rd Johnson’s Cremino Cobnut
Res Edwards’ Kimbajak Star Dust
VHC Youngs’ Potterspiney Angel Dream
Open Bitch (10,2)
1st O’Briens’ Maxfield Maybelline JW
2nd Hodge’s Naiken Alize
3rd Mills’ Lembas Crackling Rosie JW
Res Rees’ Eremos Perfect Pascali
VHC Parrott’s Lougin Lyin’ Eyes JW
Veteran Bitch (5,1)
1st Braddon’s Trendlewood Love Chronicle
2nd Rees’ Sh Ch/IR Sh CH Thurbajen’s Flighty Fennel with Eremos ShCM
3rd Jury’s Tibblestone Sky Larkin
Res Edwards’ Carpenny Mikki at Kimbajak ShCM
Field Trial Bitch (1,0)
1st Minchella’s Abbeystead Reeve
Special Working Bitch (3,0)
1st Scutcher’s Winsleywood Wild Honey JW ShCM
2nd Coode’s Warringah’s Gurley JW
3rd Farrar’s Henissy Razzle Dazzle

Minor Puppy Dog (11,3)
1st Wiles’ Mambrinos Morsecode at Richbourne (Imp Nor)
2nd Hopkinson’s Stelainros Nimrod at Rocheby
3rd Kennett’s Magnavalleys Cornishman
Res Hodgkiss’ Dinnozo Top Notch Alfie
VHC Lesley’s Steeleigh Capital Rock
Puppy Dog (7,2)
1st Bailiss’ Tissalian Hi Jack
2nd Braddon’s Trendlewood Born to Run
3rd Dawson’s Kowalski Espartaco 1V Beskerby Taf (Imp Esp)
Res Sadler’s Rio de Rioja
VHC Barker’s Deerbrook Maximus
Junior Dog (12,3)
1st Gaskell’s Sharouns Ventriloquist for Tempaskell
2nd Johnson & Korff’s A Sense of Pleasure’s ZZ Top (Imp Deu)
3rd Rowley’s Treantagh Rainbow Warrior
Res Bambrook’s Marshwiggle Shakespeare at Ravoakar
VHC Young’s Potterspiney Allanon
Yearling Dog (8,2)
1st Tooth’s Sandylands Over The Moon to Ludalor JW
2nd Edwards’ Kimbajak Renoir
3rd Tasker’s Richbourne Caught In The Act at Kindercroft
Res Morris’ Lapema Midnight Sun
VHC Phillips’ Rowanhol London I at Sheenaron
Maiden Dog (5,1)
1st Bailiss’ Tissalian Hi Jack
2nd Dawson’s Kowalski Espartaco 1v Beskerby Taf (Imp Esp)
3rd Rowley’s Treantagh Rainbow Warrior
Res Lesley’s Steeleigh Capital Rock
Novice (7,4)
1st Ellis & Matulla’s Dolwen Coleman
2nd Kennett’s Magnavalley’s Cornishman
3rd Barker’s Deerbrook Maximus
Undergraduate Dog (9,1)
1st Johnson’s Cremino Chilly Pepper
2nd Edwards’ Kimbajak Renoir
3rd White’s Stourmere’s Special Gift Pour Roboshalee
Res Percival’s Wynfaul Tonto
VHC Ellis & Matulla’s Dolwen Coleman
Graduate Dog (7,1)
1st Britton’s Bowstones Pumpkin
2nd Williamson’s Sharouns Talk of the Town JW
3rd McLellan’s Aquarius Herbu Zadora for Saranden (Pol Imp)
Res Lesley’s Steeleigh Blue Print JW
5 Bambrook’s Marshwiggle Shakespeare at Ravoakar
Post Graduate Dog (11,3)
1st Young’s Potterspiney Killian
2nd Moody’s Trendlewood Mr Blue Sky
3rd Farrar’s Henissy All That Jazz JW
Res Thorpe’s Taph’s Tango JW
VHC Philpott’s Rossacre Keno
Mid Limit Dog (8,3)
1st Felton-Page’s Marshwiggle Mr Carson JW
2nd Percival’s Wynfaul the Wizard JW
3rd Chapman’s Killanow Sentinel at Daisypatch
Res Bambrook’s Brycheiniog’s Ravenclaw at Ravoakar
VHC Jeffery’s Lembas Swings Both Ways at Mibridge
Limit Dog (13,3)
1st Elliot’s Winsleywood Wild Joker of Lyndham
2nd Marskell’s Berolee Didier Drogba
3rd Jury’s Tibblestone Sea Salt
Res Young’s Potterspiney Moto
VHC Cary’s Aquadell Montgomery JW ShCM
Open dog (10,3)
1st McGillivray’s Int Sh Ch/Dut/Ger Ch Mocnys Knoxville
2nd Hopkinsons’ Rocheby Old Punch
3rd Reynold’s SH CH Carromers Blue Lagoon
Res Pastusiak’s Secret Way To My Heart of Labgold
VHC Rose’s Leospring Gold Gili
Veteran Dog (2,2)
Field Trial Dog (1,0)
1st Jenkins’ Skeviot Starlite
Special Working Dog (2,1)
1st Coode’s Ch Warringah’s Perth JW ShCM

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