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Minor Puppy Dog (12,3a)
1st Druggan’s Mattand Export To Balladoole
2nd Tooth’s Sandylands Over The Moon to Ludalor
3rd Mills’ Rostar Rancio Rupert at Lembas (Imp) NAF TAF
Res Brown & Farquharson’s Ramsayville Texas Rising
VHC Percival’s Wynfaul Tonto

Puppy Dog (7,1a)
1st Harvey-Major & Merrill’s Linjor The Squire
2nd Edwards’ Kimbajak Renoir
3rd Jayes’ Sandylands Once Upon A Time
Res Findjan’s Rossacre That’ll Do
VHC Lesley’s Steeleigh Blue Print

Junior Dog (11,4a)
1st Brown & Farquharson’s Ramsayville Remmington
2nd Carpanini’s Carpenny Peel
3rd McLellan’s Aquarius Herbu Zadora for Saranden (Imp Pol)
Res Jeffery’s Carohall Day Dreamer at Mibridge
VHC Ludlow’s Roboshalee First Gunner

Yearling Dog (10,4a)
1st Balshaw & Rawlinson’s Shanorrell Straw Boater at Halshimoor
2nd Crellin’s Aalincarrey Summer Majic
3rd Radostnaya’s Rusmairas Bonapart (ATC AS01404RUS)
Res Jeffery’s Carohall Day Dreamer at Mibridge
VHC Perkin’s Keeninspires Houdini

Maiden Dog (8,4a)
1st Carpanini’s Carpenny Peel
2nd Druggan’s Mattand Export To Balladoole
3rd Phillips’ Sheenaron Merry Charlston
Res Edwards’ Kimbajak Renoir

Novice Dog (6,2a)
1st Harvey-Major & Merrill’s Linjor The Squire
2nd Carpanini’s Carpenny Peel
3rd Edwards’ Kimbajak Renoir
Res Kerry’s Oceanwood Diver

Undergraduate Dog (8)
1st Harvey-Major & Merrill’s Linjor The Squire
2nd Fox’s Warringah’s Merrigun with Langdale
3rd Goodman’s Lulukella’s Tokyo Joe
Res Barker’s Deerbrook Zacate
VHC Noad’s Llanstinan Black Friday

Graduate Dog (10,3a)
1st Percival’s Wynfaul The Wizard JW
2nd Balshaw & Rawlinsons’ Shanorrell Succession at Halshimoor
3rd Carpanini’s Carpenny Valour
Res Farrar’s Henissy All That Jazz JW
VHC Newstead’s Champles Top Brass

Post Graduate Dog (17,7a)
1st Wiles’ Richbourne Londoner JW
2nd Floyd’s Trenow Rio Grande JW
3rd Crellin’s Aalincarrey Summer Majic
Res Finney’s Play On Words
VHC Evans’ Bowsian Heir Apparent

Mid-Limit Dog (12,2a)
1st Williamson’s Sharouns Life Of Riley JW
2nd Finney & Callender ’s Carpenny Ship To Shore JW
3rd Mills’ Lembas Sweeney Tod JW
Res Cary’s Aquadell Montgomery JW
VHC Lesley’s Steeleigh Secrets Out JW

Limit Dog (11,2a)
1st Harvey-Major & Van Leuween’s Linjor Casablanca (Re-Imp) JW ShCM
2nd Lewis’ Crammondkirk All The Gossip JW
3rd Coode’s Rayleas Hot Shot at Warringah JW (Imp FRA)
Res Marskell’s Berolee Didier Drogba
VHC Jury’s Tibblestone Sea Salt

Open Dog (11,3a)
1st Neachell’s SH/NL/LUX/INT SH CH Carpenny Micah At Suttonpark
2nd Floyd’s Sh CH Trenow Plover
3rd Williamson’s SH CH Sharouns Incognito JW
Res Finney’s Parbuckle Blue Spruce
VHC Stewart’s SH CH Stremanda Top Knotch JW

Veteran Dog (6,2a)
1st Metcalfe’s CH Bilbo Baggins by Baileydale JW ShCM
2nd Coode’s CH Warringah’s Gundaroo JW
3rd Neachell’s SH CH Adoraden Hallmark At Suttonpark
Res McLellan’s Pol CH Saranden Commanche JW ShCM (Re-Imp)

Field Trial Dog (1)
1st Jenkins’ Skeviot Starlite

Special Working Dog (2,1a)
1st Coode’s CH Warringah’s Perth JW ShCM

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Minor Puppy Bitch (21,6a)
1st Simpkin & Bibby’s Meadowline Mi Suena at Bruxinho
2nd Johnson’s Cremino Crushed Ice
3rd Carpanini’s Carpenny Virginia
Res McLellan’s Saranden Rock Your Baby
VHC Percival’s Wynfaul Flame and Fortune

Puppy Bitch (10,3a)
1st Edwards’ Kimbajak Duchess Eleanor
2nd Hutchinson’s Tissalian Killer Queen at Glosmere
3rd King’s Mikmaqlabs Apache
Res Kennett’s Magnavalleys Paint It Black
VHC Tatchell’s Smokeycot Ebony Day Dreamer

Junior Bitch (19,9a)
1st Thorpe’s Taphs Sizzling Sophie
2nd Stafford’s Arrowmoy Fairytale To New York Farnfield (IKC)
3rd Charlton’s Foxrush Spun Gold
Res Lennox & Morgan’s Wilenmory Collabro
VHC Carpanini’s Carpenny Portia

Yearling Bitch (13,1a)
1st Balshaw & Rawlinson’s Shanorrell Socialite at Halshimoor
2nd Mils’ Lembas Pretty Amazing Grace JW
3rd Lennox & Morgan’s Wilenmory Collabro
Res Carpanini’s Follies Fine Finish At Carpenny
VHC Marskell’s Berolee Biella (AI)

Maiden Bitch (12,5a)
1st Carpanini’s Carpenny Portia
2nd King’s Mikmaqlabs Cheyenne
3rd Edwards’ Kimbajak Duchess Eleanor
Res Perkin’s Keeninspires Eclipse
VHC Newstead’s Champles Betty Grable

Novice Bitch (13,3a)
1st Thorpe’s Taphs Sizzling Sophie
2nd Carpanini’s Carpenny Portia
3rd Simpkin & Bibby’s Meadowline Mi Suena at Bruxinho
Res King’s Mikmaqlabs Cheyenne
VHC Edwards’ Kimbajak Duchess Eleanor

Undergraduate Bitch (11,3a)
1st Digweed & Metcalfe’s Brynlluan Golden Dawn
2nd Goodman’s Lulukella’s Kiss And Tell JW
3rd Rees’ Eremos Perfect Pascali
Res Phillips’ Carpenny Velvet At Sheenaron
VHC Floyd’s Trenow Mollie Malone

Graduate Bitch (13,4a)
1st Jenkins’ Sekada Miss Bianca JW
2nd Beecham’s Baileydale Eliza Doolittle
3rd Charlton’s Foxrush Straight Talking JW
Res Percival’s Wynfaul Thanks A Million
VHC Jayes’ Sandylands Fancy Free

Post Graduate Bitch (12,3a)
1st Smith’s Rudidales Story Teller
2nd Johnson’s Cremino Cobnut
3rd Wilkinson & Jelfs’ Lapema Poison Ivy
Res Robinson’s Lukyma Mega Star Avec Roboeljo
VHC Bean’s Celtwood Rose Quartz

Mid-Limit Bitch (16,7a)
1st Stewart’s Stremanda Tip Top For Triplecroft
2nd Hodge’s Naiken Alize
3rd Callaghan’s Oakhouse Olympic Flame of Bannabeach JUN CH JD
Res Williamson’s Sharouns Pandora JW
VHC Goodman’s Lulukella’s Yellow

Limit Bitch (14,4a)
1st Jenkins’ Brigburn Violet Sekada
2nd McLellan’s Timouron Sioux For Saranden
3rd Edwards’ Kimbajak Liberty Lady
Res Smith’s Rudidales Jazztime
VHC Small’s Primarius Boudica’s Success

Open Bitch (8,3a)
1st Britton’s SH CH Martinstide Pastiche of Bowstones JW
2nd Rees’ SH CH/IR SH CH Thurbajen’s Flighty Fennel With Eeremos ShCM
3rd Radostnaya’s RUS/BLR/LT/LAT CH Miconti You Are My Princess (ATC AR01747RUS)
Res Lewis’ SH CH Crammonkirks Morning Mist JW
VHC Lennox & Morgan’s Willenmory Armani Diamond JW

Veteran Bitch (8,3a)
1st Faulkner’s Lewisan Look At Me
2nd Parrott’s SH CH Naiken Yelana At Lougin
3rd Bean’s Naiken Celtic Jeweler At Celtwood
Res Jury’s Tibblestone Sky Larkin
VHC Hobby’s Icarus Chances Are

Field Trial Bitch (1)
1st Minchella’s Abbeystead Reeve

Special Working Bitch (3,2a)
1st Farrar’s Henissy Razzle Dazzle

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