Championship Show 2011

Minor Puppy Dog 11 (4abs) Minor Puppy Bitch 17 (2abs)
1st Stafford's Farnfield Phantom Menace 1st Braddon's Trendlewood Perfect Ten
2nd Hodge's Naiken Zephyr 2nd Mills' Lembas Chiquitita
3rd Mills' Lembas Does Your Mother Know 3rd Woodburn's Centenalee Sparkling Snow
4th Brown's Ramsayville Right On Cue 4th Coode's Warringah's MErriwagga
5th Wilcox's Donamick Zacherias 5th Woodall's Thirlmere Secret Obsession
Puppy Dog 6 (1ab) Puppy Bitch 14 (5abs)
1st Downey Tulloch's Tullochmohr Ace Junior 1st Van Helden Trendlewood Viva La Vida
2nd Causton's CedartreeJack In The Box 2nd Johnson's Cremino Cascade
3rd White's Whistletyne Strictly Tango Arghishalee 3rd Crawford's Saranden Carrie Anne
4th Wilcox's Donamicj Blaze 4th Wilson's Stelainros Westlife
5th Wilson's Stelainros Rambo 5th Downet-Tulloch Tullochmohr Aura
Junior Dog Junior Dog 9 (1ab) Junior Bitch 17 (5abs)
1st Stewart's Streamanda Top Knotch 1st Smith's Rudidale's Jazztime
2nd Harvey-Major's Linjor Bonjovi JW 2nd Neachells; Dianaia Desert Gold At Suttonaprk
3rd Perkins' Stanleylodge Braodway Boy 3rd Braddon's Trendlewood Love Chronicle
4th Burrows' Driffwold True Blue In Caranbe 4th Ryan Eviespride Precious Time
5th White's Whistletyne Strictly Tango Arghishalee 5th McLellan's Genisval Our Sunny Lula For Saranden
Yearling Dog 18 (5abs) Yearling Bitch 20 (7abs)
1st Anthony & Jayes' Sandylands Leaps And Bounds 1st Reynolds Carromers Silver Cinders JW
2nd Edwards' Suttonaprk Buxton At Kimbajak JW 2nd Edwards' Carpenny Mikki At Kimbajak
3rd Prior's Priorise Spending Time 3rd Green's Thurbajens Saucy Saffron
4th Harvey-Major & Rees' Rowanhol Romeo By Linjor 4th Leith-Ross Tintagel Winds Zest For Lab
5th Brown's Ramsayville Robery Downey 5th Artingstall Hightrevoron State Affair
Maiden Dog 4 (1ab) Maiden Bitch 17 (4abs)
1st Causton's Cedartrees Jack In The Box 1st Johnson's Cremino Callista
2nd Johnson & Hynd's Cosadolce Thats My Desire 2nd Mills' Lembas Chiquitia
3rd Gwinnett-Taylor's Glosmere Family Favourite 3rd Anthony & Jayes Sandylands Latest Flame
Novice Dog 7 (1ab) 4th Coode's Warringah's Merriwagga
1st Stafford's Farnfield Phantom Menace 5th Reynolds' Carromers Spirit Of An Angel
2nd White's Whistletyne Strictly Tango Arghishalee Novice Bitch 11 (4abs)
3rd Dunhill's Oceano Rockstar 1st Smith's Rudidale's Jazztime
4th Causton's Cedartrees Jack In The Box 2nd Mills' Lembas Chiquitita
5th Grummitt Manorwell Catcher In The Rye 3rd Coode's Warrigah's Merriwagga
Undergraduate Dog 6 (1ab) 4th Reynolds' Carromers Sekonda
1st Stewart's Streamanda Top Knotch 5th Ryan's Eviespride Precious Time
2nd Stoker's Jimjoy Sensational Style At Madgack Undergraduate Bitch 5 (1ab)
3rd Moody's Trendlewood Finn The Eskimo 1st Grummitt & Carpanini's Carpenny Riva Manorwell
4th Perkins' Stanleylelodge Broadway Boy 2nd Lweis' Nigabee Lossie
5th White's Carpenny Muscovado With Arghisalee 3rd Stocks' Carpenny Cherry
Graduate Dog 4 (2abs) 4th Watkins' Amberwatch Gift Of Juno
1st Britton's Llanstinan Hot Toddy Of Bowstones JW Graduate Bitch 7 (3abs)
2nd Wilmhurt's Mandamay Fedde Le Grand 1st Wiles' Richbourne Silver Surprise JW
Post Graduate Dog 14 (3abs) 2nd Neachell's Adoranden May Song At Suttonpark
1st Biddlecombe's Tintagel Winds Yours Truly 3rd Dawn's Amberstead Silver Fizz
2nd Grant's Simandem Silver Spirit 4th Watkins' Lembas Saving Grace At Amberwatch
3rd Wilcox's Lembas My Boy Lollipop At Donamick Post Graduate Bitch 18 (6abs)
4th Jury's Tibblestone Gospel Singer 1st Lesley's Steeleigh Hot To Handle JW
5th Shirton's Woolman Proper Performer 2nd Grant's Simandem Shimering Ice
Mid Limit Dog 6 (1ab) 3rd Hopper's Balcrist Solitaire
1st Baudains' Rocheby Brigadoon At Beauvoir 4th Jury's Tibblestone Sky Larkin
2nd Wiles' Richbourne Macbeth 5th Shirton's Woolman Proper Starlight
3rd Braddon's Trendlewood Only To Fly Mid Limit Bitch 7 (2abs)
4th Manning's Overmarsh Third Man 1st Braddon's Trendlewood Lets Dance
5th Rees' Carpenny Miles Ahead With Eremos JW 2nd Sidaway's Martinstide Bric A Brac
Limit Dog 14 (6abs) 3rd Wilson's Stelainros Vanilla Ice
1st Davies' Holmajor Drummer Boy 4th Campbell's Binnaig Star Anise
2nd Neachell's Adoraden Hallmark At Suttonaprk 5th Crocker -Williams Alkanhurst Island Express
3rd Biddlecombe's Tintagel Winds Yours Truly Limit Bitch 9 (4abs)
4th McLellan's Saranden Comanche JW ShCM 1st Shirton's Woolman Constance
5th Wilmshurt's Mandamay Carlos 2nd Allen's Tura De Rio Nevado With Allenie (IMP ESP)
Open Dog 12 (3abs) 3rd Campbell's Binnaig Wild Thyme
1st Mills' Sh Ch Lembas Super Trouper JW 4th Green's Thurbajens Doodle Delight
2nd Hess' Am/Can CH Salty Dog Of Tampa Bay 5th Hobby's Icarus Pansy Potter
3rd Carpanini's Carpenny Made A Million Open Bitch 5 (2abs)
4th Braddon's Trendlewood Moondance JW 1st Martin&Shearer AM/CAN CH Clearcreek Bonaventure Windjammer
5th Fiiney's Carpenny Shaw 2nd Mills Sh Ch Lembas Mamma Mia JW
Veteran Dog 6 3rd Hodge's Naiken Xclusive Dream JW
1st Anthony & Jayes' Sh Ch Sandylands Wait And See Veteran Bitch 6 (2abs)
2nd Rees' Thurbajen Rhapsody In Blue P Beg Ex 1st Dawn's Dakross Lady In Satin At Amberstead
3rd Finney's Rockledge Wodsmith Of Carpenny 2nd Hobby's Icarus Billie Jean
4th Batty's Steeleigh Truly Willing At Bradwill 3rd Wilmshurt's Mandamay Corncrisp
5th Stockamn & Watson's Ludalor Lemon Star With Watstock 4th Shirton's Woolman Carrie
Field Trial Dog 0 Field Trial Bitch 0
Special Workin Dog 4 (1ab) Special Working Bitch 1
1st Coode's Warringah's Gundaroo JW
2nd Rees' Carpenny Miles Ahead With Eremos JW
3rd Stockman & Watson's Oakingham Perfectly In Tune at Watstock

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