Championship Show 2009

Minor Puppy Dog (10 2abs) Minor Puppy Bitch (21 4abs)
1st Mills' Lembas Super Trouper 1st & BPB McGillviray's Antonine Annastayshere
2nd Coode's Warringah's Gundaroo 2nd Mills's Lembas Mamma Mia
3rd McGillivray's Antonine Armani 3rd Phillips & McKenzie's Lembas Take A Chance On Me
4th Grant's Simandem Silver Spirit At Ryedown
5th Earp's Wickwhistle Jammin 4th Charlton's Foxrush Scarlet O'Hara
Puppy Dog (10 4abs) 5th Downey-Tulloch Antonine Halle Berry At Tullochmohr
1st & BPD Minchella's Abbeystead Nimrod Puppy Bitch (19 5abs)
2nd Hallum's Keene's Lord Chancellor 1st Evans Brycheiniog Lemon Tango
3rd Bailiss's Tissalian Black Majic 2nd Smith's Keene's Party Manifesto With Felechay
4th Reynold Carromers Shadrach 3rd Lesley's Steeleigh Perfect Surprise
5th Ellis & Matulla Dolwen Thomas Owen 4th Reynold's Carromers Shimmering Diva
Junior Dog (16 6abs) 5th Balissis's Tissalian Scarlet O'Hara
1st & CC Hodge's Naiken Way Out West JW Junior Bitch ( 27 10abs)
2nd Bruce & Johnson's Teazledown Crusader 1st Hallum's Keene's Hors D'Oeuvre
3rd Deane's Tanronens Thief Of Hearts 2nd Merrill's Brockburrow Dream Maker For Gostwyck
4th Wilmshurst's Mandamay Rafael 3rd Manning's Ormeland Summer Dream With Overmarsh
5th Mills Wrightson's Lembas Shooting Star 4th Lesley's Steeleigh Hot Shot
Yearling Dog (18 7abs) 5th Hodge's Naiken Xclusive Dream
1st Carpanini's Carpenny Made A Million Yearling Bitch (19 6abs)
2nd Downey-Tulloch's Tullochmohr Echo Of Light 1st Taylor's Rudidales Class Act
3rd Sorbey's Mementos Mario 2nd Braddon'd Trendlewood Lets Dance
4th Braddon's Trendlewood Only To Fly 3rd Faulkner's Lewisan Look At Me
5th Ellis & Matulla's Dolwen Wake Robin JW 4th Roberts's Killanow Skinnydip
Maiden Dog (10 2abs) 5th Wright's Rocheby Blue Oasis Of Flaxival
1st Bruce & Johnson's Teazledown Crusader Maiden Bitch (17 5abs)
2nd Deane's Tanronens Theif Of Hearts 1st McGillivray's Antonine Annastayshere
3rd Hallum's Keene's Lord Chancellor 2nd Smith's Keene's Party Manifesto With Felechay
4th McGillivray's Antonine Armani 3rd Phillips & McKenzie's Lembas Take A Chance On Me
5th Wilmshurst's Mandamay Carlos At Ryedown
Novice Dog (8 3abs) 4th Hodge's Naiken Xclusive Dream
1st Bailiss's Tissalian Black Majic 5th Bruce & Johnson's Teazledown Codename
2nd McGillivray's Antonine Armani Novice Bitch (23 9abs)
3rd Wilmshurst's Mandamay Carlos 1st & Res CC Stafford's Kimvalley Star Attraction Of Farnfield
4th Venturi-Rose's Cebora Red Rhum Of Leospring 2nd Anthony & Jayes's Sandylands Tread Softly
5th Grummitt & Dawson's Manorwell Top Gun 3rd McGillivray's Antonine Annastayshere
Undergraduate Dog (5 1ab) 4th Smith's Keene's Party Manifesto With Felechay
1st Rees's Carpenny Miles Ahead With Eremos JW 5th Phillips & McKenzie's Lembas Take A Chance On Me
2nd Wilmshurst's Mandamay Rafael At Ryedown
3rd Crellin Oakhouse Oz Clarke Undergraduate Bitch (15 5abs)
4th Venturi-Rose's Leospring Atomic Man 1st Sidaway's Martinstide Bric A Brac
Graduate Dog (8 4abs) 2nd Artingstall's Hightrevoron Silver Lining
1st Key's Keydella Karrington 3rd Lesley's Steeleigh Hot To Handle
2nd Williams's Wylanbriar As Time Goes By At Millerdan 4th Phillips & McKenzie's Ryedwon McKellar Tartan
3rd King's Linthwaite Maximus 5th Venturi-Rose's Colhook Kalinka Of Leospring
4th Marskell's Berolee Starcraft JW Graduate Bitch (12 1abs)
Post Graduate Dog (13 5abs) 1st Hallum's Keene's Hors D'Oeuvre
1st McDonald's Linnburhead Reed Warbler 2nd Roger's Woodmist Saffron
2nd Grant's Simandem Hi Ho Silver 3rd Swift's Hampsbeck Charity
3rd Mills's :embas Top Ranking JW 4th Wojcik's Courtrose Celtic Ebony
4th Neals' Arrdvar Winchester 5th Hepper's Mardas Magical Mystery Tour JW
5th Mountjoy's Nicdorham Highland Lad Post Graduate Bitch (22 5abs)
Mid Limit Dog (10) 1st Stewart's Streamanda Salsa
1st & Res CCSouthwell's Brigburn Farm Trader At Driffwold 2nd Mills & Rodd's Lembas Help Me Rhonda
2nd Hepworth's Poolstead Pine Copse 3rd Wood's Sundyke Secret Attraction
3rd Neal's Amberstope Rebel Yell ShCM 4th Thompson's Braithwell Ruby Wax At Churnetview
4th Anthony & Jayes's Sandylands Perfect Chance 5th Downey-Tulloch Rewari Expatriot Of Clanross
5th Braddon's Trendlewood Moondance JW Mid Limit Bitch (19 7abs)
Limit Dog (15 3abs) 1st & CC Phillip's Shardanel Blueribbon At Sheenaron
1st Autey's Ryedown Scottish Reel JW ShCM 2nd Airey's Ronsard Me Celebrait
2nd Neal's Ludalor Lunar Eclipse Over Amberstope JW 3rd Tooth's Ludalor Lancastria Chardonnay JW
3rd Cole's Gallybob Quiz Of Stajantor 4th Ganney's Allenies Watersprite For Darrabol JW
4th Wojcik's Courtrose Celtic Frost 5th Stewart & Pegg's Jancet Black Pearl Of Streamanda
5th Swift's Hampsbeck Willies Choice ShCM Limit Bitch (19 7abs)
Open Dog (10 5abs) 1st Fox's Rocheby Winds Of Change To Treburrow
1st Harvey-Major & Allen's Brockburrow Cassanova In Linjor JW ShCm 2nd Hepper's Mardas Vanity Fair JW
2nd Hodge's Sh Ch Naiken Quincy JW 3rd Wilmshurst's Mandamay Muse JW
3rd Mils's Sh Ch My Jack Sprat At Lembas JW 4th Marskell's Cherie Amour From Berolee
4th Chalard & Le Graet-Chalard Carpenny Slogan 5th Hatfield's Oakglen Scrumpy
5th Stockman & Watson's Ludalor Lemon Star With Watstock Open Bitch (8 3abs)
Veteran Dog (8 1abs) 1st Hepper's Mardas Venetian Fan Fair
1st Rees's Thurbajen Rhapsody In Blue P Beg Ex 2nd Key's Keydella Kristie
2nd Sidaway's Martinstide Highland Fling 3rd Charlton's Sh Ch Foxrush Ovaltine JW
3rd Hepworth's Sh Ch Poolstead Pleased As Punch 4th Hallum's Keene's Betty Boo JW
4th Sorbye's Nor Ch Mementos Wagner 5th Hatfield's Oakglen Christmas Carol
5th Airey's Ronsard Legacy Veteran Bitch (7 2abs)
Field Trial Dog (2 1abs) 1st Williams & Revitt's Jimdi Sweet Floela
1st Keagan Austerby Blizzard From Geordieland 2nd Carpanini's Sh Ch Carpenny Whist
Special Working Dog (5 1ab) 3rd Wojick's Courtrose Lola
1st Tooth's Ch Ludalor Lunar Orbit JW 4th Ganney's Jodalu Peggie Sue Of Darrabol
2nd Coode's Warringah's Tennants Creek JW 5th Wood's Sundyke Secret Key
3rd Finney's Rockledge Wordsmith Of Carpenny Field Trial Bitch (1)
4th Stockman & Watson's Oakingham Perfectly In Tune with 1st Smith's Ardenbrook Constance
Watstock Special Working Bitch (3)
1st Hodge's Ch Naiken Russian Rhythm JW
2nd Coode's Warringah's Karkirri
3rd Tooth's Ludalor Lyzabeth

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